Update From the Road: Walking Across America

It’s been a while since I posted an update from my travels on foot across America and that’s mainly due to my blogging about a good chunk of the experience at the Steps Across America website. As I probably noted before you’ll get to hear not only my own personal views of life on the road, but 11other people from around the country sharing the journey with me. In other words it’s quite a melting pot – believe me.

As of this very moment I’ve made it to New Mexico and have only a few weeks to go before arriving in Los Angeles (not that I’m counting down the days or anything). However, New Mexico hasn’t proved to be all that exciting on our scenic tour de land. The region is nothing but boundless dry desert with a few watermelon patches scattered here and there. Seeing the watermelon grow for the first time was more exciting than the one historic marker I came across stating where yet another Billy the Kid hideout was said to have been decades ago. Now there I am standing in the middle of nowhere wondering how is it, wandering folks like myself can trust such markers? There was nothing out there! Not even a single splinter from what used to be an old tavern or house. After a moment or two, I easily started back into stepping my way towards the west on Hwy 60, but I can’t help thinking.

Without burning up too much of your time with my useless chatter let me just conclude by saying I’m alive, well, feeling great and drinking a ton of water. I’ll try to be more specific in my notes from the road next time, but if you can’t find what you’re searching for here, do check out the Steps Across site.