One Night Stand: Scottsdale, Arizona

It’s been sometime since I last sought the counsel of the Gadling readers on an unfamiliar U.S. city, but the time has finally arrived once again. As some of you may recall I have been traversing the country in a three month long walk across America and have been stopping at some fabulous and well not so fab places. Remember Olney and Salem, IL? Oh, and let me thank those of you who chip in your recommendations. If I don’t get back to you with a report, it’s probably due to the fact that my fellow walking companions are turning the entire ordeal into something of a reality show. Sigh – 19 more days to go.

Anyhow, it looks like I’ll be dropping into Scottsdale, AZ this Fourth of July weekend and staying at a pretty nice hotel to boot. Anyone know anything about the area around Chaparral Suites Resort? On a normal day I would request any and all ideas and suggestions, but tonight I’m in a placid kind of mood. That being said what’s cool, hip, peaceful, relaxing, and quiet to do in Scottsdale? Any neat art museums worth checking out? How about shopping plaza? After wearing workout clothing for months I actually wouldn’t mind a day spent at an off-the-beaten track strip mall. Anything special happening this weekend for the holiday? There’s no time to be shy, so share any and all your Scottsdale city secrets. Before I know it, I’ll be in Wickenburg.