Ugly Passport Photos

Having recently taken one of the most GAWD awful passport photos in my entire life for my Tajikistan visa application, I could totally sympathize with the author of this piece. If I didn’t know myself and I saw that picture, I wouldn’t allow entrance into my own apartment let alone some post-Soviet country. However, the beauty of Eileen Mitchell’s story is this: everyone laughs at her passport photo, including the folks at customs. (Although, I can’t recall if she was laughing with them.)  And with passports now having an expiration date of 10 years or what seems like centuries, having a bad photo plastered in there really blows to say the least. Her sad, comical travel bit is very much worth a read if you’re having a lazy extended 4th of July weekend.

P.S. – The tiny little creature you see pictured happens to be my first passport picture taken in the Philippines to get me over to U.S. Yeah, yeah, don’t laugh too hard.