Casinos to Close in Atlantic City?

Bad, bad news for tourists with upcoming vacation plans to New Jersey’s famed Atlantic City. This news certainly isn’t hot off the press, but it looks as if the NJ government is set to face a shut down if lawmakers don’t enact a budget by 8 am Wednesday morning. If Atlantic City’s 12 casinos were to close it would cost the state 2 million dollars a day in tax revenue. Ouch! The problem goes far beyond casino closings; state parks and other historic sites will also shut down according to this AOL news piece all due to lack of compromise on a plan to increase the state sales tax from 6 to 7 percent.

Travelers looking to gamble away their vacation savings really have it easy in this situation. Sure you may have dropped $139 bucks most on Spirit Airlines out of Orlando, but still. It’s the employees of the state lotto, construction, DMV, vehicle inspections, courts who are seriously getting burnt in this whole mix up. Casino gambling monitors are next and won’t be getting paid during the closings.

What’s up New Jersey?