Word for the Travel Wise (07/04/06)

Since it’s a holiday here in America I figure we’d spend a moment strengthening our English vocabulary. Strangely it wasn’t hard picking a word today. My mind took me back to a conversation I had with a man a few weeks back in Tahlequah, OK about his two year old boy named Boom. Boom was named Boom because he was supposed to be born on the 4th of July (like a fire cracker you know), but he came a couple weeks earlier and was born on June 21st instead. I immediately took a fancy to the story and before I knew it I was adding extra details I’d imagined had taken place.

Today’s word is an English  word used in the U.S.A:

elope – to run away with a lover, especially with the intention of getting married

Shortly after my conversation with the man I spoke to a girlfriend of mine who is fixated on eloping to Tahiti. Who could blame her? I mean, if I were going to elope I’d go some place like Tahiti too. For me – I just like the word. It’s like the ultimate travelers word for love in flight, though I’m sure Boom’s parents didn’t elope to Tahlequah.

Anyhow, whatever you do today make sure you have an explosive time! Happy Fourth!

Past English words: agro