Beach Camping

Going down to the Corcovado National Park during my stay in Costa Rica was a complete accident, twist of fate and hours long of bumpy land and sea transportation. By the time me and my travel companion had arrived to our final destination my stomach was as moody as the ocean’s waters, but I was still up for laying out on the beach and relaxing to the sound of its crashing waves. My afternoon didn’t end there though, I crawled up to my beach hut and unzipped my tent and climbed into the small bed placed inside. Before I divulge any further details I’ll go ahead and let it be known that my style of beach camping wasn’t entirely roughing it, but none the less it was still beach camping. So where was I?

Hmm, yes… I was moving towards this piece found in Washington Post on beach camping. Perfect for those who love either worlds or maybe only one, the article details the pluses of camping out on the shore and how to plan your own trip. This includes the few locations found in the U.S. that are semi-remote enough to allow beach campers. The biggest benefit is cost. With a tent and a few extra supplies one night on the beach can be very inexpensive for the budget traveler, where a night one the fancy resort over-looking the water can cost anyone almost triple. If it’s something you’ve never quite done before, let me tell you it is worth the experience. Even if it involves cheating a little by having a small bed in your tent.