Britain’s Best Beer Gardens

Britain’s Best Beer Gardens.

The title says it all.  The Times (UK) has come up with a list of the ten best British pubs in which to enjoy a cold pint on a hot day.  But these aren’t just any pubs.  These are drinking joints eagerly longed for after a winter trapped inside dank, smoke-filled pubs.  These are indeed, outdoor beer gardens. 

Ten is an awfully low number for a country like Britain, but if you read the short descriptions included you’ll understand that these are simply the best.  Take, for example, The Applecross Inn at Shieldaig, Wester Ross.  “Overlooking the Inner Sound and the Isle of Raasay… the Applecross’s fuchsia-hedged garden has a vista well worth the giddy drive over Scotland’s highest road…local nets provide squat lobster marinated in sweet pickle and prawns immersed in garlic and butter.” 

Now, will someone please tell me where I can find Shieldaig, Wester Ross.  There’s a cold pint and some tasty prawns waiting for me.