Road Trip USA Podcasts

It is summer and across the country families and couples and poor lonely dudes with a car are taking to the open roads. Travel to Europe (as I learned recently) is expensive and even though gas prices are ridiculously high, it is still far cheaper to hit the road with the kids than to fly over the pond. And so the word on many lips this summer is Road Trip. OK, that’s two words, but it is a single concept. The concept of being free on the open road, hands on the wheel, moving along beneath the gaping sky. I’m getting kind of teary eyed just thinking about it.

There are so many road trip possibilities in the United States that you can get downright confused about what to do. A book out there that I recommended a ways back is here to help, Called Road Trip USA. Written by Jamie Jensen, the book is a beast. A travel tome with more tidbits about what to see and do along the American highway system than has likely ever existed. And now (this is the point of the post) he is offering free podcasts for you to download and listen to while on the road. They’re a diverse lot. The Podcast Themes include: US Music Festivals and the American Sound, Regional American Food, Weekend Road Trips, Quirky Culture and more.