Rental Car Rant – Underage Driving

Most women my age; single, no kids, and free as a bird either revel in their youthful paradise or cringe, grit their teeth and ball up a fist when someone inquires about their age. For the most part I’m happily approaching the official mid-20’s age bracket, but not fast enough it seems. I seriously can’t wait until my 25th birthday only and all so I can rent a car without facing ridiculous surcharges. Ugh! You turn 18 you can buy smokes, get shipped off to Iraq, vote or choose not to and at 21 you’re free to buy all the brewskies and whiskey your heart desires, but being under 25 in the rental car world gets you no love. What gives?

Sure a few misbehaving college kids (or misbehaving adults over 25) along the way probably messed it up for the rest of the responsible individuals, but isn’t there some way to get a decent day, weekly or weekend rate if you’re under 25? According to some online sources like some underage drivers are better off dealing with independent rental agencies, that will charge a daily fee that runs a little less than most major agencies. If you’re under 25 and traveling on business or work for the U.S. Government you may be able to waive the fees altogether. Best thing to do is to spend sometime browsing the web for the best deals or pleading with someone you know to bum their vehicle for your short stay. If I weren’t in Los Angeles at the moment with family spread between; Simi Valley, Huntington Beach, and Corona, I’d certainly opt for taking public transportation over paying the $55 a day for my standard rental car. As for right now I just have to suck it up until I fly out on Monday.

If you’re 18-25 and experiencing the same woes as me pop into some of these other online sites for advice and just be prepared to pay the fees if you must have a rental.