Climb Again Mt. St. Helens

Many of us have birth dates that correlate with big events. Myself, it has always been interesting to me that the date of the Mt. St. Helen’s eruption falls on my birthday, May 18. I was a wee lad, but I remember it, and of course having lived in Seattle for several years, it is a big part of that region’s history. Well since that time, there have been restrictions on climbing the mountain…restrictions that just changed. According to this piece over at Outside, permits to summit Mount St. Helen’s became available on July 21.

They will be in high demand and low supply at first with only 100 climbers allowed per day until Oct. 31, when the climbing season typically ends. But if you’re one of the lucky ones to get a pass, well, how cool would that be?

I climbed the Villarica volcano in Chile and fondly remember wearing a gas mask and looking down into the churning guts of the earth. It’s an experience I will never forget. If you want to learn more, or to purchase a pass ($22 on the Internet) go to this Web site and give it a go.