Indoor Skydiving with SkyVenture

Giving my stomach a reason to flip over and inside out or shooting my heart rate up at lightning fast speed isn’t necessarily my idea of a grand yee-haw time. So whether it’s indoors or outdoors skydiving wouldn’t be the first thing I’m signing up for, but if you’re a nut when it comes to diving with or without the sky you’ll probably dig SkyVentures. To sum it up like the in-the-know bloggers at CoolHunting, SkyVenture is a vertical wind tunnel that safely and realistically simulates the experience of jumping out of a plane. Developed more so for training purposes, visitors can flip, swoosh, dive and land safely at over 15 locations worldwide. Some locations up and running presently include: London, Malaysia, Arizona, and Orlando. Others in the works are Manhattan, Hollywood, Abu Dhabi, Alcanteria, Silicon Valley, and New Hampshire. See SkyVenture for additional details.