Mermaids of the Weeki Wachee Springs

How come I never knew about this Florida attraction? Located just an hour north from my home digs in Tampa the mermaids of Weeki Wachee seem like a really fun-filled family destination far off and away from Mickey Mouse as can possibly be. The author of this Miami Herald story does a dazzling job in making me want to experience the siren song of the mermaids for my own. The amusement park falls under the B-list which isn’t hard to imagine being in a state where all things revolve around the mouse, but was made famous in the 50’s and 60’s for the performing mermaids.

The Weeki Wachee Springs are said to be the real thing too. As one of Florida’s natural wonders, the spring where the park’s 14 mermaids perform is 16 to 20 feet under the surface. The park sees some 250,000 visitors each year whom most of which are adults who experienced the show when they were kids. I’m sure everyone reading this is thinking this sounds totally cool and gnarly and you’re all set to go take the day off and check out the mermaids with me, right? Well, the park may be a thing of the past since a 30-year lease and whether or not it should be rewritten is up for debate in courts. Man that stinks. Better go before it’s gone. I am.

Least it’s nice to know Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and even Elvis Presley all give or gave a hoot about the park at some point or another.