Pauline Frommer Travel Guides

Like father, like daughter is what they say in this biz these days, I suppose. Pauline Frommer, daughter of the famous guide book extraordinaire, is introducing her own line of guidebooks catering to the adult budget traveler, but not the backpacker. On the market for purchase now include popular destinations such as Hawaii, New York and Italy. The Baltimore Sun online notes that 40 year-old Pauline will edit all the books in the series and write some of them. So least she’s not just using her name to sell I guess. The Pauline Frommer guides range from $16-$20 and can be purchased at

I wouldn’t mind testing one out myself and if I had to choose from the three I’d go with Hawai’i. I’ve lived there / been before, but could always use a few recommendations on how to eat and sleep in paradise for cheap.