Philadelphia’s Franklin Square Park

I’m heading into Philly tomorrow and sadly I’ll have little time for any sight-seeing during my time there, but they’ll be other trips – I’m sure. If you’re visiting the city sometime soon with lots of room in your schedule to stroll the day away with checking out the cities various historic monuments and museums consider finishing off the day in Franklin Square park. has a wonderful story (almost had me teary-eyed) on the park’s newly revamped look with a carousel and all! Franklin Square had been left to wither away into a cold sad public place until a group called Once Upon A Nation came along and made some grand changes. Residents and visitors can now spend a day lazing in the park’s green space, playing in one of the two parks (one for little kids and one big kids) or just wandering aimlessly around the vintage marble fountain. The fountain was biggest issue with the park as it had fallen off the radar sometime in the 70’s and had been dry for some 30 years. If you’re serious about going be sure to look out for the Once Upon a Nation storytelling bench, tents with colonial and community artisans, and the memorials dedicated to Philadelphia’s fallen police and firefighters. Sounds very, very, cool.

Franklin Square park is open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. year round and located just north of Independence Hall, Philadelphia.