The marketing people for travel companies must get very excited when a new trend really resonates with the public and takes off. Not to mention when the trend comes with a tidy, easy to remember, simple to understand name like babymooning. Yes, babymooning. Easy to get, right? Obviously it refers to trips taken by couples to offer their babies to the gods by hiking to the top of a mountain at night and holding the new child up to a full moon. Right? Wait let me Google that….oh, never mind. Apparently babymooning is when couples decide to make a big last trip before a new baby is born. OK, that makes sense, too, although I think I prefer my idea more.

Anyway, so here we have babymooning, the hot new travel trend. And yes, you know it’s especially hot when CNN does a whole piece on it, like the one you can watch here. Or, you can read the babymooning is hot article over at USA Today. Or you can check out this site called babymooning where, should you be expecting and considering a babymooning trip of your own, you can do the research and find that extra special trip…perhaps to the top of a tall mountain.