Daily Pampering: The Curtain Bluff Babymoon

Pregnancy is already challenging enough, especially if you’re a first-timer. Moms- and dads-to-be alike need a break from the doctor’s appointments, planning and anxiety that come with bringing a new life into the world. So, when you measure the future in centimeters (you’ll get it if you’re expecting) instead of miles, it’s hard to imagine getting on a plane, regardless of how attractive the destination is.

Before pampering takes on a new meaning – and it will – book a babymoon to Curtain Bluff. The resort, located in Antigua, takes all the thinking out of your vacation, thanks to the all-inclusive pricing. Reserve your stay and your flight, and then just show up. Sleep comfortably in your junior suite (while sleeping is still an option), and have dinner on your balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Sprawl out in the sand, get on a boat or take a swim. Enjoy the last days of pre-parental life with each other.

The spa at Curtain Bluff has prenatal treatments, so be sure to book at least one trip to this den of luxury while you’re in Antigua. The massages are unbeatable, and the skilled professionals know how to navigate both male and female bodies, pregnant and otherwise.


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Four reasons why your babymoon matters five months later

Babymoons are hot. Every major resort is looking for a way to get in on the action … and why not? Moms-to-be are carrying all that extra weight, coping with the effects on their bodies and dream of a place where they can be pampered for a little while. Pregnancy massages take up the space between fantastic meals, and mom finds a bit of bliss. The guys don’t lose with this arrangement either. It’s a last chance to take a vacation and focus on the people who soon will be called “the parents,” even by their own friends. Dad can have a few cocktails while mom sits in the sun.

But, eventually, it comes to an end. The car comes to the resort, and the revelers return to the airport, go home and resume normal life. It’s all finished far too quickly, and in a few months, life changes forever.

What’s interesting is that the babymoon may be over, but the effects can linger for months. After lying dormant for a while, they provide relaxing thoughts when you need them most – right after your kid is born. My wife and I went you ours around five months ago, and I’m still feeling the residual effects now. Of all the travel I’ve done this year, those four days remain the smartest.

Most travel writers focus on the immediate benefits of a babymoon. That doesn’t do you much good when the kid has arrived, so here are four reasons you’ll be happy you went on a babymoon, even months after you’ve returned from it.


1. It’s part of the progression
Becoming a parent doesn’t start with the birth of your child. There’s so much that goes into it, from the decision to have one (or the realization that you are …), the visits to the doctor, setting up the kid’s room and agonizing over every minute detail (only to come to the conclusion later that the stuff you worried about really doesn’t matter). Your babymoon is part of this – it’s one of the experiences that will shape your life as a parent. Among the things you’ll remember later was that amazing getaway, the last sans child that won’t have you calling every hour to see how he is.

2. The memories will get you through sleepless nights
The first few weeks after a kid is born, I’m learning firsthand, can be incredibly tough. You won’t sleep much, and sleep doesn’t mean rest. I’ve found my mind wandering back to that July trip to Curtain Bluff more than a few times and remembering how easy it was. Having experienced pure relaxation has given me something to which to think back. It helps.

3. You’ll have fantasy fodder
When you and your spouse are watching your child fall asleep – and hoping he’ll follow through with it – you’ll be able to whisper to each other about how much you’d love to get a break. “Wouldn’t it be great to go back to …” It would. But, as soon as the baby’s asleep, you won’t be far behind. Your dreams, hopefully, will take you back to that babymoon for a few hours.

4. You’ll go back … but not alone!
For all your dreams of wanting nothing more than a little bit of sleep, it’s great to have the new guy around the house. When the kid’s ready to travel, the first place that comes to mind will probably be the last one where you had a great time. There’s no need to negotiate over where to go. Both parents have a great idea and memories that have gotten them through those sleep-deprived first weeks and months. Pull the trigger, and bring your son or daughter in on the tradition.

Aruba’s Westin Resort offers $300 for your baby

I can understand the idea of a babymoon, a vacation taken right before a new baby is born. Enjoying one last (for a while anyway) trip before your life becomes a crazy blur of diapers and late-night feedings almost seems medically necessary. But taking a vacation with the sole purpose of getting knocked up – a procreation vacation – well, that sounds a little too “desperate marketing ploy” to me. Can’t people just have sex at home? Or just go on a trip and say “We’re gonna go on vacation, have a lot of sex, and see what happens” without making pregnancy the objective? Apparently, the Westin hopes not.

The Westin Resort on Aruba wants couples looking to take their own procreation vacation to book a stay this fall. The Resort is offering a $300 credit, to be used on on a future visit, to any couple that conceives while staying at the resort between September 1 and December 19. During that time, the Resort’s “Classic Package” is $399 per night for two and includes all meals and drinks, including alcohol. Guests who book by September 30 will also receive a $100 Resort Credit.

It’s an attention-getting promotion, but I doubt many couples will be able to collect. Getting pregnant seems like a crap shoot that requires the perfect storm of several factors. No matter how much sex a couple has over the course of their stay, the odds that the woman will happen to be ovulating and get pregnant within that time frame are slim. But if it does happen, the couple just needs to provide a doctor’s note confirming that conception was on or around the dates of their stay, and they’ll receive the $300 credit. For those who do receive a visit from the stork, I suppose it’s a nice incentive to return to the Westin for the first post-baby vacation.

[via USA Today]


The marketing people for travel companies must get very excited when a new trend really resonates with the public and takes off. Not to mention when the trend comes with a tidy, easy to remember, simple to understand name like babymooning. Yes, babymooning. Easy to get, right? Obviously it refers to trips taken by couples to offer their babies to the gods by hiking to the top of a mountain at night and holding the new child up to a full moon. Right? Wait let me Google that….oh, never mind. Apparently babymooning is when couples decide to make a big last trip before a new baby is born. OK, that makes sense, too, although I think I prefer my idea more.

Anyway, so here we have babymooning, the hot new travel trend. And yes, you know it’s especially hot when CNN does a whole piece on it, like the one you can watch here. Or, you can read the babymooning is hot article over at USA Today. Or you can check out this site called babymooning where, should you be expecting and considering a babymooning trip of your own, you can do the research and find that extra special trip…perhaps to the top of a tall mountain.