Blank Monday

A while back, I posted a blurb about a company called Clark Foam that went out of business, thus reducing overnight by some 80-plus percent the number of available “surf blanks” available to the surfboard manufacturing community. It was a small, rather odd story, but one that had huge repurcussions for surfers.

The New Yorker last week ran a fabulous story by William Finnegan called “Blank Monday” on the story, which sadly, is not online, but you should get a copy if you can find one and/or Nexus search it. Finnegan is the best-selling author of Cold New World: Growing Up in Harder Country and A Complicated War: The Harrowing of Mozambique, co-author with Matt Warshaw of The Encyclopedia of Surfing. He is a world-trotting surfer and a fabulous writer. Check it out if you’re able.