Shanghai Neck-Licks

I’ve heard of French kissing and Kama Sutra, but the Shanghai neck-lick is new-new news to me and apparently to some of the residents in Shanghai as well. Now how’s that possible? The folks over at Shanghaiist discovered the maneuver and how it’s performed in a story from the LA Weekly about attending a punk rock show. Uh-huh. From what I gather Shanghai neck-licks involve a fair amount of groping and a massive amount of saliva across the neck all compliments of a drunken punk rocker.

Right— Shanghaiist was so intrigued by the use of this urban slang and phrase involving their city name they decided to take it a wee-bit further and created this nifty Shanghai language lesson. If you found the Shanghai neck-lick somewhat vulgar you may want to stop here. I repeat – you may wish to stop reading here, do not pass GO, and do not click on the language link. If you believe you can handle their list of very naughty Shanghaii terms like Shanghai Meat-bun, Shanghai Surprise and Shanghailarious; then proceed.