The Paddling Glass Artist

What do paddling, glass and breasts have in common? Why, they are all the passion of the artist Steven Wrubleski. known as one of the best glass artists in the Northwest today. Glass art is such a Northwest thing. I don’t know why that is, but it seems to be the case. When I lived in Seattle, there were several stained glass shops there that taught the Middle Ages, um, age art of stained glass making. And of course, Seattle is home to the world famous, and famously irascible Dale Chihuly.

Well, Mr. Wrubleski (rhymes with Trubleski) is as I say an avid paddler, and manages, in addition to lovely breasts, to work water and paddling iconography into his work. He is also a big-time avid paddler, hence the reason why he made it in to the pages of Canoe and Kayak Magazine.

The story here talks about Wrubleski’s life, how he ended up in the San Juan islands, the boats he likes to paddle, his disdain for the fast-paced lifestyle and why he has selected glass as his artistic medium: “its similarity to water”. Good answer. It’s a nicely done profile about a guy you’ve probably never heard of but will be made slightly better for, well, having heard of.