The US’ Smartest Cities

Here’s one of those statistics that I both love and hate. Over at, they post the results of a report determining our country’s smartest cities (never mind that they didn’t list the stupidest ones…to many feelings would get hurt, I suppose…hello, Detroit!? Just kidding!) Anyway, I love it because it gives some sweet intelli-props to my green homies back in Seattle.

This is no surprise.

Face it, it rains a lot in Seattle and so people spend a lot of time inside drinking coffee and reading. Seriously. Of course, you also have a high-tech thing going on there (Bill gates alone probably pushes out the average a few points) and, most of all, there are several really good schools around.

But then waaaay down the list at 19 comes New York. Now, it’s silly to generalize, but I think many of the smartest people I know live here…or maybe it’s that they work here. Either way, it is kind of sad to see NYC get a bit of a bitch slap on this report. And then, of course, conspicuously absent is good old La-La-Land. But we all knew those TV and movie people never really had much brain-power. If the report measured ego and image awareness, well now, that’s a different story.