Perceptive Travel New Issue

We’ve checked in a few times on Mr. Tim Leffel and his relatively new online magazine Perceptive Travel and we always come away satisfied. Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Leffel is out with a new edition of the magazine and, once again, we express our satisfaction in it.

This time around, he’d corralled a stable of writers (oh, the metaphor abuse!) to opine on the travel life and to write about their own experiences on the road. This issue features some known names, too, including Jeff Greenwald, whose article Searching for Rare Primates in the Valley of the Langurs is about…well, I suppose the title says it all. Greenwald, you may know, is the author of Shopping for Buddhas and The Size of the World.

Also, there’s a giggle-inducing piece by guidebook writer Edward Readicker-Henderson who heads to New Zealand where is is supposed to write about places that cater to travelers who might spend $50,000 on a trip (yes, you read that correctly) but becomes rather entranced by both the water swirling down the drain (he like to report that it swirls down a different direction, but alas, he can’t remember which direction it swirls here), and expensive bras hanging in the wind.

Anyway, good stuff all.