Guided WTC Tours

Here we are on the cusp of the fifth anniversary of 9/11/2001, so I figured I’d post something relevant to that. While you can easily go down to the Ground Zero site (though not tonight, the “Decider” is speaking) and walk around, the view of the hole is actually quite dismal. So most tourists just kind of stand around outside the fence and snap photos of each other, well, standing around.

But there is more to the site if you put in some effort. In fact, visitors to the World Trade Center site can now get a guided tour, which comes with a first-hand account of the attack. All this thanks to a program being run by the Tribute World Center. The center opened to the public on September 6th, and guides are now ushering folks from around the world, sharing personal stories from that day. Again, I wouldn’t advocate gong down there tonight ,but on your next visit to the Big Apple, this might be a nice way to lean about the horrible tragedy of five years ago.