Word for the Travel Wise (09/10/06)

Okay, everyone – big sigh of relief this week. I’m departing from languages of the Silk Road to return to some you may actually try to learn further than my everyday Gadling feature. Today I point your attention to Uruguay’s thermal waters as featured on the front page of their tourism site. Perfect place to head if you’re planning an early escape from North American winters. Go check it out.

Today’s word is a Spanish word from Uruguay:

nadar – swim

Amerispan, Cactus Language and IMAC are all good starting points to learning abroad. A free membership at Spanish Unlimited gives you the opportunity to learn a new word everyday by email, gain pen pals and hear audio of the words. Their website is actually a good resource tool for many different Spanish related topics. I won’t even begin to list some of the texts out there that could further your studies because there are entirely too many. If you know of some language books that would be useful please feel free to list them.

Past Spanish words:
escalar, cercano, realidad, enfermo, jalar