Flights within Europe for $50

At one point, Europe had more than one hundred budget airlines. Not all of them made it through the turbulent few years, but those who remained (some fifty) are pretty solid. You know the spiel – you can book one-way tickets without penalty, there is no free food on board, usually no assigned seats, you are only allowed to carry on 1 bag and check 1 bag, otherwise you pay. That is after all, how they make their money. If your dates are flexible, the tickets are very cheap. is one of those airlines. The biggest budget airline in Central Europe, headquartered in Slovakia, started a major promotion today to celebrate their 5-year anniversary. They fly to all major European destination and have new planes.

This week only, you can buy tickets anywhere they fly for FREE (you only pay taxes). I booked a round trip ticket from Prague to Rome for $50. Go snatch some!