No Kissing On American Airlines?

It’s been almost a year since the shocking Lorrie Heasley story. Remember the woman removed from a Southwest Airlines flight in Reno when she refused to take off or cover her offensive “Meet the F*ckers” shirt? It caused quite a stir then, and as of late, another airline has been raising a ruckus in the gay community it seems. The New Yorker runs a rather detailed piece on an incident where George Tsikhiseli, a television journalist, and his writer boyfriend, Stephan Varnier, were told the plane would be diverted if they did not drop the issue of touching and kissing on the plane.

Let me backtrack. The two passengers were on their way back into NYC from Paris when Varnier started dozing off and leaned his head on his partner Tsikhiseli. A stewardess came over and told them the purser said to stop the touching and kissing. The two passengers noted there was no kiss kissing, just mwah (smacking sound). When questioned, the purser also became rigid on the subject. Later, the purser informed Tsikhiseli that the captain would like to talk to him. The captain informed Tsikhiseli that if he didn’t stop arguing with the crew, the plane would be diverted. Now, what I’ve just provided is a very through-the-grapevine look at the story, so I suggest you read the entire deal over at the New Yorker.

If power truly rests in numbers and this story were to get into the hands of the entire gay community, I would think American Airlines screwed up, but overall the situation just sounds overly bizarre.

via WorldHum