Fall Foliage Links

Well, it’s that time again when deciduous leaves around North America explode with color and hordes of shutterbugs jump in their cars and gawk from their cars as nature’s version of Laser Floyd slowly unfolds before them. Of course, those living in places like So. California are, once again, out of luck. Folks living in states without seasons do not get treated to the changing fall colors. You have wonderful weather all year round and having no fall colors is your punishment. So there. Whereas those of us who live in the Northeast are soon to battle with extreme cold and ice clogged streets and sick commuters spreading their death spores on crowded subways. For tolerating these things, Northeasterners are given a week or two during September and October to celebrate how creative mother nature can be with a palate of reds, yellows and oranges.

And so, dutifully, as we do each year, we offer a few links to the best places to see fall colors in the hope that you will go out and see them, take a few photos and then submit them to our gadling Flickr site. For that, the best photos will be rewarded with a Photo of the Day award. Lucky you.

First, let us direct you to a list of the Top Ten places in the US provided to MSNBC by Shermans Travel. The list here actually covers the country, with Colorado making the list due to the changing aspen trees there. They also give a nod to The Catskills, the Columbia River Gorge,
and the Great Smoky Mountains, among others.

Next, take a look at this list over at Fodors, which provides not just the location of fall colors, but the best time to go. This list focuses on the northeast, including the states of Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire and so on. I actually prefer this last link because they are more helpful in getting you there and offering info on hotels and interpretation. Of course, the sad part is that I’m late in getting this post up, so in some places in the Northeast the colors may have already passed their peaks. But I do know that this coming weekend is supposed to be one of the best to get out, so consider adding a road trip to your weekend plans.