Red Corner: Giving the Former Iron Curtain a Chance

Here at Red Corner, we’ve been linking quite a bit recently to articles by Susan Spano of the Los Angeles Times. This is because Spano did some extensive touring through Eastern Europe last Spring and has been publishing a number of articles about her adventures in the LA Times.

In what appears to be her final summation of the region, Spano nicely wraps things up with the appropriately titled, Giving Eastern Europe a Chance.

We whole-heartedly agree.

Spano reminisces about her time spent on the opposite side of the former Iron Curtain; how few Americans get to this part of the world, the pleasant discoveries she made while there, the affordable exchange rates, and her quickly dashed, pre-conceived notions.

Eastern Europe, she points out, is “less-trammeled” than the rest of the continent and, as a result, very much worth visiting. Like her headline suggests, give the place a chance; you’ll be happy you did.