To Dingle or Not to Dingle?

One of western Ireland’s favorite tourist destinations (as well as surfing destinations?) is in a battle for its very name. This small coastal town, formerly called Dingle, has been officially renamed An Daingean (pronounced “on dang-un”). No more are the “Dingle” signs.

It just so happens that the town is in a “Gaeltacht,” a designated Irish-speaking area, so the cultural affairs minister renamed the town, shelving its English name.

However, the townsfolk, who understand that tourism is the town’s number one industry, are upset and are voting in a referendum to change the name back to a bilingual name: Dingle An Daingean Ui Chuis. Although they’re without power to force the change, they hope to win a moral victory over the minister.

But in this conflict of the traditional versus popular, only the sign-makers–and favorite local son Fungie the Dingle Dolphin–will be happy.