TSA Thief Red-Handed and Arrested

While a few days old now, this news on TSA theft comes out of Milwaukee where a TSA employee was caught red-handed and arrested for guess what – stealing. Apparently times must have gotten hard for the 26-year-old woman, an employee for the Transportation Security Administration for four years who is now out on bail. The incident occurred at Mitchell International Airport while the woman was screening carry-on luggage at Concourse D. A co-worker, who spotted her taking money from a passenger’s wallet and stashing it behind a magazine rack rightfully snitched and investigators, went in for the kill.

How much money did they find? $235 behind the magazine rack and only $20 had come from the wallet that was seen being pick-pocketed. As mentioned earlier and according to the Milwaukee Channel news piece, the TSA thief is out of jail on $200 bail. Now, what is this news telling the good traveling citizens of America? Here are some of my thoughts: First, $200 bail is not justice and probably doesn’t come close to what the suspect may have possibly stolen in the past. Second, watch your check-in, your carry-on and your back now folks. If someone could be so bold to take your money during the screening process they’re bound to come snatch the shirt from your very back.

Oh, where will it end?

A TSA spokeswoman told the local news that only 1% of those who have donned the TSA uniform since August 2002 have been removed from employment for theft. 1% of the 80,000 = 800 and is still far too many for my comfort level, how about you?

via Jaunted