Vegas Condo-Hotel

Having just returned from Las Vegas, I was hit with a bit of “buyers remorse” when just last night I ran across a great accommodation deal I wasn’t able to take advantage of: a condo-hotel.

What exactly is a condo-hotel? Well, according to the fine folks at Budget Travel who always looking out for our wallets, a condo-hotel is a complex of condos which are rented out when the owners aren’t around. The cool deal I missed out on was a grand opening of Platinum Hotel & Spa in which condo rentals are up for grabs for just $129 a night. There are some blackout days, but the deal is on until the end of December.

The suites have all the amenities you might find in a home, as well as spas and restaurants. Platinum is just two blocks from the Strip, and the best thing about it is there are no blackjack tables on the ground floor to fleece you of all your money.