Yosemite as Art

I picked this one up from a great Web site on he National parks called Park Remark, and this could be a cool event for folks who love both art and the National Parks. The Autry National Center is currently hosting a cool-looking exhibit called “Yosemite: Art of an American Icon“, which features lots of paintings of, you guessed it, Half Dome and El Cap and the whole Yosemite Valley….sans traffic clogged roads, smog and fat kids holding their wieners…the BBQ kind, I mean. You can check out the exhibit website to see what it’s all about. It’s actually quite well done with audio narration around some of the many prints and paintings on display. Bierstadt is covered, but oddly, I saw no Ansel Adams…I’m guessing those photos were either too expensive to get or they couldn’t get permission because an Adams exhibit is already on the road somewhere.