Deadwood on the Beach?

Here’s some rather interesting news from Hollywoodland. Looks like one of my favorite networks, HBO, creators of at least two of the best shows on television (Sopranos and Deadwood) are going to be producing a new program dedicated to surfing.

The network has greenlit 12 episodes of John From Cincinnati,” a “surf noir family drama” set in Southern California (where else?) that is the brainchild of “Deadwood” creator-exec producer David Milch. How Milch will manage to weave together California surf speak with the expletive-laden patois of Deadwood is anyone’s guess…as is, for that matter, the actual definition of “surf noir family drama”. That said, I eager await anything that comes from Milch’s creative mind. The premise of the new show has something to do with a guy named “John” who seeks surf lessons from a former surf champ whose life has been upended by a bad relationship and a messed up son named “Butchie”.

Sound cool or lame? Eager to see it or has Milch jumped the sharK? Want more details? OK, go here.