Most Dangerous U.S. Cities

St. LouisHere’s a news story I’d like to first dedicate to my father who seems to lose his wits any time I mention travel overseas. Sure the places I go aren’t always high traffic areas or flooded by tourists, but that doesn’t necessarily classify them as dangerous. What I’m really trying to say is you can be smiley and friendly anywhere you go, but just watch your back as well. And to my father who I’m sure will read this blurb at one point or another – perhaps it’s time to consider relocating. According to this CNN piece St. Louis has been officially named most dangerous U.S. City.

It was only a matter of time before St. Louis, Missouri took the number one spot. The city had been lurking in the top 10 for quite several years and with a surge in violent crimes this year it took the lead over other dangerous locals such as Detroit, MI in second, Flint, MI coming in third place and good old Compton, Cali right up there in fourth. As for St. Louie vthe murder rate jumped 16 percent from 2004 to 2005. That’s quite a hike in the wrong direction. At the moment I happen to be sitting in the confines of my hotel room in the second most dangerous city (Detroit) and yet all feels safe at this late hour, however I’m glad to know my present hometown of Tampa, FL didn’t make the top 10 dangerous city list. On the flipside it also didn’t make the top 10 safest either which include Brick, NJ in first; Amherst, NY in second; and Mission Viejo, CA in third.

So are there any Gadling readers out there residing in the top 10 of either list? Please share your thoughts and let us know if it really is all bang-bang, shoot em’ and kill or butterflies and roses.

To see the full story head to CNN.