Naked Pumpkin Run

When my friends start emailing me links like this or suggest I take a good gander at the Naked Pumpkin Run I start to wonder what kind of person they think I am. Sure, I’ve zipped through Monteverde’s cloud forest and bathed in Ibiza’s waters nude, but what would possess someone to think that I might find comfort, enjoyment or even an exhilarating time in running nude with a pumpkin atop of my head? And who comes up with these things? I won’t front, after reviewing the site, the run which takes place annually in Boulder, CO and in other locations; I thought for a moment that it could be a cool thing to do. Then I realized the streaking part might be fun, but I don’t think I could tolerate the pumpkin on my face. Let me stop here before all of you out there reading start to develop ideas too. This year’s events have passed, but if my short blurb managed to strike a little interest start planning for 2007. Go check out their website now.