Ski Jumping in San Francisco?

If Mohammed will not come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed–especially if he is a snowborder in San Francisco.

The second annual ICER AIR competition will be held this Saturday at AT&T Park where 20 world-class skiers and snowborders will be on hand to compete in some crazy vertical stunts off a 100-foot-high ramp.

Too bad it doesn’t snow in San Francisco.

That’s why event coordinators are hauling in 200 tons of snow to cover the ramp and landing area.

Last year, ICER AIR was held on the steep streets of downtown San Francisco, but after local residents complained, it was moved this year to a proper stadium. Tony Hawk will preside over the festivities which will also include live bands (Jurassic 5), and a “blowout” ski sale.

Tickets start at a mere $10. What a great way to kick off the ski season!

Oh, and if you’re in town and love college football as well, UCLA plays Cal and USC plays Stanford on that same day. Go Bruins!