Tacoma’s Museum of Glass

Bummed? Yes, I’m a bit bummed and undecided on my recent trip to the Museum of Glass. Before I get down on what disappoints me let me tell you what’s hot and worth your $10. Upon entering the facility your attention is going to be directed to the Hot Shop on the left. Inside the Hot Shop museum-goers can kick back in the warm auditorium and watch the glass making process live. This is really cool if you know nothing about how all those fancy designs or simple glass vases are made. During the session I caught, there were three gentlemen working with the glass and an interpreter explaining the whole deal. The art, science and history of glass making are all explained. When the temperature inside the Hot Shop became too much to handle I excitedly walked off to head into the gallery where I was almost positive I would find tons of glass exhibits – not so much.

To my disappointment there were few glass installations. The ones featured were pretty impressive, but as I moved deeper down the halls I saw more contemporary art craziness; oversized stuffed horses making love and some questionable paintings. The horses were apart of the Fresh! Contemporary Takes on Nature & Allegory and overall I think they were indeed fresh, but it would have been better if they were glass. I haven’t a clue where the paintings came from, but there was an awesome one comprised of various greens blending in the swell of an ocean wave. Still there wasn’t enough glass in the building and that goes to include the building for my needs. Perhaps I expected too much, I mean how many glass artists are out there in the world?

That’s my take. Been to the Museum of Glass? What’s your opinion?

The Museum of Glass is located at 1801 Dock Street, Tacoma, WA 98402.