ABBA Museum to Debut in 2008

ABBADancing queens and kings get ready to pack your bags and jet off to Stockholm! In 2008 an interactive museum dedicated to legendary Swedish pop group, ABBA will open, allowing fanatics to see the clothing, learn the history and record their own ABBA songs in a studio. Are you dancing yet? Are your feet moving wild with excitement? CNN reports that even though the band hasn’t recorded an album since 1982, ABBA still remains one of the most successful bands in history. They’ve sold 370 million albums worldwide. It took two years to convince the band members that it was a good idea to open an ABBA museum and though they will donate materials for exhibits, they will have no further involvement in the project.

A location is still sought out by museum organizers, but they are sure that when the doors open both the museum and Stockholm’s already ABBA popular city streets should see an impressive number of visitors. I wouldn’t doubt it either.