ABBA Museum To Open In Stockholm

Dancing Queens, get dancing, an ABBA museum is opening in Stockholm.

ABBA The Museum will open its doors in the Swedish capital on May 7. It covers the complete history of the disco group and will display their gold records, crazy ’70s costumes, and even reproductions of their recording studio and dressing rooms.

As visitors pass through the museum they’ll be treated to different music in each room. One room is dedicated to ABBA’s song “Ring, Ring” and has a phone that ABBA band members will occasionally call to have a talk with fans.

The Museum is a part of the new Swedish Music Hall of Fame, which has exhibitions on the history of Swedish popular music, a Hall of Fame dedicated to Sweden’s stars, and temporary exhibitions.

You’ll have to be a real ABBA fan to visit this place, though. Adult tickets cost 195 krona, or $29.54. At least the tickets get you into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame too.

[Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons]

ABBAworld opens in London

Get ready, ABBA fans, because ABBAworld, the first official (and band-supported) ABBA museum has just opened in London.

The interactive museum will contain 25 rooms full of ABBA memorabilia, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, never-before-seen music videos and photos, and clothes, instruments, and personal belongings from each member of the band. In one room, you’ll even find the helicopter pictured on the cover of the “Arrival” album.

Visitors will have the chance to feel like a part of the group too, as they see images of themselves projected into music videos and photos and onto album covers (which fans can then access online afterwards). The can test their trivia knowledge with quizzes, remix their own ABBA tunes and even be a “dancing queen” up on stage with a holographic projection of the band.

The exhibit is open daily now through March 28. Tickets are available via Ticketmaster for £21.45 per adult and £14.30 for kids.

The exhibition is expected to visit other cities, but so far no others have been announced.

ABBA museum to be built in Stockholm

I can’t claim to be a huge ABBA fan, but I am a HUGE fan of their song “Dancing Queen.” I like to shout out whatever age I happen to be at the time when they sing “You’re only seventeen” (sadly, “twenty-seven” doesn’t sound as good as “twenty-three” did). And I like to think that I can dance, I can jive, especially when I’m having the time of my life.

Well, soon I will be able to live out my disco days fantasies in the new ABBA museum to open in Stockholm in June 2009.

The museum includes a dance floor, a recording studio, and a wardrobe so visitors can get an idea of the ABBA experience. And karaoke will also help visitors understand what it was like to be an ABBA band member.

I have a one-word response to this exciting news: Yessssss!

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ABBA Museum to Debut in 2008

Dancing queens and kings get ready to pack your bags and jet off to Stockholm! In 2008 an interactive museum dedicated to legendary Swedish pop group, ABBA will open, allowing fanatics to see the clothing, learn the history and record their own ABBA songs in a studio. Are you dancing yet? Are your feet moving wild with excitement? CNN reports that even though the band hasn’t recorded an album since 1982, ABBA still remains one of the most successful bands in history. They’ve sold 370 million albums worldwide. It took two years to convince the band members that it was a good idea to open an ABBA museum and though they will donate materials for exhibits, they will have no further involvement in the project.

A location is still sought out by museum organizers, but they are sure that when the doors open both the museum and Stockholm’s already ABBA popular city streets should see an impressive number of visitors. I wouldn’t doubt it either.