How to Have A Bad Time In New York City

Let’s face it – hundreds of thousands will visit NYC every year, but few will return home knowing all the tricks of the trade. In fact some may never return after having the worst time possible in the Big Rotten Apple. That is all too bad considering how often sites like the New York Times and Newyorkology publish good material on all the good places to go and good deals to be found and more importantly good how-to information on making it all happen. Well, in today’s edition of the NY Times they feature a very detailed and absolutely funny piece on how to have a never-ever-want-to-come-back type of time in the big city. So if you are the type of tourist that loves being accompanied by a large gray over-hanging cloud, you may want to read this well-written article, but should you decide to take any of the advice given make sure you tell your pals what they’re getting into or go solo. You’ll find that some of your friends may actually want to shy away from chain restaurants to try the local flavor or build up the courage to ask a New Yorker how to get from point ‘A’ to ‘B’ in those scary subway tunnels.

Oh, and after reading if you should feel so inclined to leave a tale or two here it’d be much appreciated. I’m sure there is at least one or two of our readers who have suffered from a nightmarish time in NYC.