Rocky Stairs

The Philadelphia Museum of Art might have a fantastic collection of European and contemporary art, but it is far more famous for something else altogether: the location of Rocky’s inspiring stair workout.

I case you’ve been living on Mars, I’m referring to Rocky Balboa, the small-time boxer who got a chance to go the distance with the champ, Apollo Creed. In one of the most recognizable moments in cinematic history, Rocky bounds up the front stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, thrusts his arms into the air and announces his bid for an Academy Award.

Like all pop culture, this brief scene now overshadows the actual location where it all took place. Visitors to Philadelphia are more likely to identify Rocky’s Stairs than the actual name of the museum to which they lead. And, as you might imagine, every third tourist wants to personally recreate that famous scene.

A few weeks ago I found myself at the top of these stairs watching tourist after tourist perform the obligatory sprint. I simply couldn’t resist capturing this unbridled fervor of pop culture and sharing it with our fine Gadling readers. Enjoy.