Fullmoon Snow Shoeing at Tamarack

Having just returned from Mammoth Mountain and a fine, but not glorious few days of skiing, I was very pleased to be puttering around the Web and to find this great little piece at the Independent about an adventure snow-shoeing at Tamarack Lodge near Mammoth Lakes.

While I love downhill skiing and snowboarding, I also enjoy getting out every so often and cross-country skiing or snow shoeing, and Tamarack is one of the finest places in California to do this. They’ve got 19 miles of freshly groomed track that meanders around Twin Lakes and the Mammoth Lakes Basin.

And this article takes things even further by doing the trip around Tamarack at night. The writer takes one of the lodge’s full moon cross country trips where the moon casts such an abiding glow on the snow that you never need lights.