The Knee Defender: Preventing Airplane Seats from Reclining

I’m not sure if this is horrible or brilliant.

I suppose the answer is horrible if it happens to me and brilliant if I can do it to someone else. The item in question here is the “Knee Defender.” This is a little gadget which clamps on the pull-down tray of an airplane seat and prevents the person in front of you from leaning back.

Sure, it’s insidious and evil, but it’s also genius. The only problem is that many airlines prohibit the use of such contraptions. The clamps are small enough, however, that it is difficult for a flight attendant to see unless, of course, the person in front of you complains. Chances are they’ll simply think their seat is broken and grumpily sit upright the duration of the flight.

This sort of pisses me off. I would almost guarantee that anyone who selfishly uses such a device reclines their own seat while doing so. Jerks!