Urban Exploring Tunnels Behind Niagara Falls

Hundreds of years ago, people marched across continents and sailed over oceans to see what could be seen. Then, it seemed for a while that we ran out of new places to go. C’est la vie. Well, the advent of urban exploration brought “unseen or off-limits places” into the spotlight and anything old turned new again. Urban explorers sneak into areas like subway tunnels, catacombs, and storm drains to discover wonders usually hidden from human eyes.

Three pseudonymous urbexers known only as JonDoe, Stoop, and dsankt ventured into the depths of a hydro-electric power station to probe tailrace tunnels behind Niagara Falls. Dsankt chronicled the infiltration, and shared his take on the adventure with great flair. Their mission was hardly legal, so I cannot condone the troika’s actions. However, the expedition produced an amazing payoff with sights probably unseen for decades.

If you’re not up to reading the text, you should at least check out dsankt and Stoop’s gorgeous photographs. The stills really give you an excellent idea of how dangerous — yet inspiring — urban exploring can be.

(Thanks for the tip, Mike!)