Cartographic Dresses and Tea-Stained Maps

Susan Stockwell is a London-based artist whose bizarre “map art” collection is truly a site to see. Take for example this Cartographic Dress, a “life-size dress made from two World Atlas’s with Central America fashioned into a shoulder strap and Brazil as the back piece,” or this map of India made with stitched-together tea bags. Neither are practical, per se, but they — along with the entire collection — are truly unique in that “hmm…” sort of way.

Other quirky pieces that stood out include “South London Arteries,” a lace pattern made from cutting just the roads out of a London city map. Last but certainly not least, her “Empire Dress” (pictured), a Victorian-style dress made from maps of the British Isles, is beautifully crafted and quite ornate.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see celebrities walking the red carpet in this one day.