Pirates Set Sights on Sealand

Neil mentioned a week ago that the micro-nation of Sealand went up for sale/transfer. Many people balked at the £504,000 (about US$994,000) asking price, but one group decided to enter a bid.

Last week, a Swedish website known as The Pirate Bay announced its intention to purchase the principality. The site doesn’t have the necessary cash, so they’ve made a call for donations. Sure, it sounds a little greedy, but if you donate, you automatically become a citizen if the sale is completed. Score! But buyer beware: the citizenship is essentially worthless since no country actually recognizes the sea platform as a sovereign nation.

If the website fails to acquire Sealand, The Pirate’s Bay plans on purchasing a small island with the donation money. You know, they’re doing the sorts of things that Bill Gates probably does as a hobby.