World Tour Compatibility Test

Previously, I mentioned a pair of adorable newlyweds who blog about comic misadventures from their year-long, globe-hopping honeymoon. Well, here’s another blog about a pair of traveling lovers. Though, there’s a slight difference this time.

Elizabeth Koch and her boyfriend Todd took a five-week summer vacation. They hit China, Japan, Germany, France, England, and Sweden. Instead of basking in glow of each other’s presence, the two used the trip to determine if they were a good match. If they finished the fantastic voyage with love still in their hearts, Elizabeth and Todd would move to San Francisco together. Otherwise, the two would part ways. I’m fairly sure there’s a better way to test for compatibility, but I highly doubt it would be as fun.

The blog is a ten-part “memoir in progress” posted on Smith Magazine’s Memoirville. Koch writes the piece, and she has already foreshadowed a “complicated… realistic” ending. The Memoirville site is a little difficult to navigate if you just want to read the “World Tour Compatibility Test,” so I’ve included this link to make it easier for you to find all of Koch’s postings.