Introducing Gadling’s “Video of the Week”

Today we are debuting a new feature here at Gadling called the “Video of the Week.” This means that every Monday from here on out we will feature a brand spankin’ new video from Gadling readers right on our front page. So grab your camera and start documenting! We’re looking for anything that’s travel related, whether it’s a short clip from your last vacation, a profile of your hometown, or a local restaurant review — anything that tells us something about the part of the world you live in, or have recently visited. Just be creative! Length and editing/video quality are mostly unimportant, though a 5 second cell phone video shot at night might be pushing it a bit, so use your best judgment.

A YouTube group has been set up to collect submissions, though even if you aren’t interested in sharing we urge you to join the group to keep track of all the interesting gems that are uploaded by Gadling readers from around the world. If, however, you plan on posting a video, simply upload it to YouTube as you would any other video, then join the Group and hit “Add Video.” This will let you select (out your list of previously uploaded videos) the one you want to add to the group. Easy as pie!

Since this is the inaugural week and we don’t have any submissions, I’m posting one of my own videos. When it comes to editing, I’m a sucker for two things: slow motion and time lapse. In this video, I set a camera up in the corner of the independent movie theater I work at while an auditorium full of people stream out like busy little bees — all shot at about 600% normal speed and set to Aphex Twin’s 4. Enjoy: