Wish You Weren’t Here

I love sending people banal postcards. My heart fills with joy when I think of the disappointment someone will feel when they receive one with a picture of the gift shop in which I purchased said stationery. And, yes, I have done this in the past.

Well, if you share my disturbing postal schadenfreude, I recommend checking out the Boring Postcards Flickr pool. It offers a good number of mind-numbing souvenirs for places you’d rather not visit. For example, the dull image above is a postcard for the Hereford Motel from Flickr user Nick-D. (Keep an eye out, though, because I think a lot of the pictures in the pool are just boring pictures people are pawning off as postcards.)

Photographer Martin Parr released a series of aptly-titled books on this subject: Boring Postcards (UK), Boring Postcards USA, and Langweilige Postkarten (Germany). Each collection is chock full of depressing imagery from its respective country. Unfortunately, I could not find any sample photos, but I can probably bet that they’ll have you drifting off to sleep in no time.