Opus Hotel’s General Manager Blog

We love hotel employees here at Gadling, and it’s not just because they change our sheets and towels on command. (Though, it does help.) That’s why I’m excited to mention a blog by the General Manager of Vancouver’s Opus Hotel. Daniel Craig — no, not that Daniel Craig — pens entries about his experiences running the luxury property.

Daniel writes with an ease and wit that makes running the fancy-schmancy business sound simple. You’d think that he would stay hush-hush and maintain manager-guest privilege, but you’ll be glad he doesn’t. The GM details his exposures to a vandalizing drag queen, a naked guest, and a mysterious fish smell in a hallway… and that’s just three blog entries! There are nine months of stories that will keep you simultaneously laughing and cringing.

I enjoy the blog enough to consider staying at the Opus in the future. I guess the publicity worked. Though, I’ll have to be sure I don’t have too many drinks at the Opus Bar or I might just end up in the blog myself.