Travel Micro-Blogging with Twitter

I always enjoy travel blogs. They’re a great way to update your friends and colleagues with stories, pictures, and videos. However, the thought of spending precious vacation time updating a website doesn’t appeal to many. If this has stopped you from chronicling your own journeys, you should give this alternative a look.

It’s called Twitter. It’s a free service that lets users post short messages via cell phone and instant messaging client to a personal website. Think of it as blogging with text messages. It’s an ideal substitute for full-on blogging since an internet connection is not required and it takes only a few seconds to update. You’ll have to keep your messages brief, but you can update often to fill in the blanks.

Your friends (and stalkers) can follow your activities on your Twitter page. They can also choose to receive your updates as text messages and instant messages. You’ll never lose touch with them even if you’re thousands of miles away!

A fun exercise is getting your point across in exactly five words. Here are some examples of that based on recent Gadling posts:

Want to see it in action? Check out my Twitter page. Do you have a Twitter account? Leave a link to it in the comments.